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'When the sky is grey, paint it blue' 

We are fully committed to physically painting the sky blue. And yes, we really do!

Each and every user of our App 'Look to the Rainbow' contributes by simply using our App as we have intended it. Predicting rainbows for free, still comes with a price. We rely on a varied group of advertisers to promote their products or activities on 'Look to the Rainbow'. In return, we generate revenue through our advertisement platform, and the user gets to use the app for free. 

Each time enough revenue is generated through advertising and donations, we commit to painting the sky blue. 

We contract a Skywriter to leave a blue coloured trail across the sky.

Locations of the events change with every new sky writing session. We live stream on Facebook and Youtube, eventually adding a timestamp, location and link the video's produced to the gallery section of our website here. 

We work hard to promote our App all over the world, slowly growing our community of rainbow lovers one user at a time, offering a perfect opportunity to hop on board and reach your audience. 

Making a donation allows you to become part of the artwork and contributes to making painting the sky blue become a reality.

Interested in advertising with us? Contact us any time to enquire about the possibilities.

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